Feeding the Animals

This page contains articles concerning the care and feeding of the animals on Noah’s Ark

2 Responses to Feeding the Animals

  1. Bino Mobb says:

    Well Well Well, the web we weave… its simple Think DNA in tubes.. and then think about what the fallen Angels taught the sons of Noah, And your welcome for the real Answer 🧬👼🏾

    • Tony Breeden says:

      That is speculation. There is no hint in the Bible itself that fallen angels taught anyone anything, much less helped God by helping Noah.

      Furthermore, in order to store DNA in tubes (aside from needing the technology to extract DNA) for over a year, you need a freezer. Your science fiction story actually creates more problems than it purports to solve.

      So you’re (not your) welcome for the free lesson on deductive logic.

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