Were ShArks on the Ark?

Short answer: No.

Bible reference: Genesis 7:22

“All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died.”

The Bible records that only air-breathing land animals, birds and creeping things [bugs and reptiles, basically] would have needed to be on the Ark. So sharks and other fish would not have been on board Noah’s Ark.

Fossilized fish are powerful evidence for a world-wide Flood. In order for a fish to be fossilized, it has to be suddenly buried. A dead fish with a swim bladder will float to the surface, not sink to the bottom. The sediment [dirt and mud] rich waters churned up by the Flood would have overtaken fish, burying them rapidly and suddenly, so that predators and scavengers couldn’t eat them first! Some fish were buried so quickly that they were fossilized in the act of eating other fish. There have also been fish fossils found on top of mountains, a testimony that the Flood covered everything.

3 Responses to Were ShArks on the Ark?

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  2. james la mere says:

    There are fish fossils at the top of mountains because the sea floor was pushed up by tectonic plates’ They are not there as a result of a flood.

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