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How Big was the Ark? – Short Answer: About 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high, divided into 3 levels [or decks].

Once you realize just how big the Biblical ark was, you’ll stop asking how Noah could have fit all of those animals aboard it and start asking yourself why God told Noah to build that ark with so much extra room!

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  1. I have a question! If only 8 people were saved during the flood, then there was only 8 people alive on earth ”Noah and his family”. But my question is this: How the population was growing if there is only 8 people alive on earth? Are we all the descendant of Noah? Thanx

    • Tony Breeden says:

      Yes, all humans are descendants of Noah

    • Tim Pierzina says:

      Hey Sarvesh, It may have been common practice to marry a cousin, brother or sister. I am sure it was innocent and OK then. But did you read where the sons of god came down and saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they married them and their children became great Mighty men of old and well renowned. These sons of god are the fallen angels. Moses didn’t give us much on this subject, but some where there lies the answer. Now if Adam was a son of god then he too would have been a god, along with his children. He was not the Almighty, but if the almighty wanted a form where he could take matter and make a clock he would need more than hooves for hands. If my horse has a little baby its not a goat or a sheep, its a still a horse. The same goes with Cain the son of Adam, Cains grandfather was god. Have you ever seen those ancient megalithic ruins where the stones are so perfectly carved and weigh a billion tons. Don’t think it far fetched to think these were the cities built by gods. After Cain slew his brother Able, he went to a far away land and there he had a son and built for him a great city and named it after his name, Enoch. Just something to think about before the flood hits. I like to think the word god as a last name to us humans. The Almighty made the cattle after their kind and the fish after the fish kind, but when it came to making the man, he was made after the god kind. What is in a name? Most everything. Henry Ford had a great concept to build cars. Henry Ford was hands on in designing a car from the image that he imagined in his mind. After a few setbacks (like dinosaurs) he was able to come up with a design he loved. He called them by his name Ford. Henry Ford was not a car and surely the car was him. Henry paid other people to build his cars, after all the had his name attached to each one. Soon Henry Ford had a son and glorified has name also, so he build other cars after his name Edsel.

  2. These questions helped me out for ideas. Thanks.

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