After the Flood

Noah’s Ark has received a lot of media attention, especially over the past few decades. Many searches for the remains of the Biblical Ark have been undertaken, without success. In addition, several people have built scale models of the Biblical Ark – and not just the kind that would fit on a ping pong table! Some of these Arks are as big as a barge! More recently, the Ark Encounter has made plans to build a full scale Ark within a Biblical history theme park!

This page will feature posts related to what happened after ther Flood and to Ark searches, models and more.

2 Responses to After the Flood

  1. Dr J says:

    question when was the first rain after the flood what do you think Noah and his family’s first reaction might have been?

    • Tony Breeden says:

      The Bible doesn’t say when it first rained again after the Flood. Neither does it say that it had never rained prior to the Flood. Since God had explicitly promised never to destroy the world again with a Flood, I’m hoping Noah and his family trusted God at His Word. In any case, the Bible does not say.

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